Taichi Multi-investment Company is a business advisory group, which can help all clients achieve sustainable growth and success in all markets.

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  • Taichi Consultancy offers a variety of services supporting projects of restructuring and expansion, while ensuring the growth, profitability and ultimate success of our clients.
  • Taichi Advisory & Coaching offers a 360 degree solution in HRM, Interim Management, Succession Management, Business Coaching and Trainings.

In each step of the way, Taichi Multi-investment company has the right principle, practice or partner that will add value to your company, at any stage in the business process cycle, from development and planning through to implementation and ongoing support.

This combination of investment banking and corporate consultancy state of art, has made Taichi multi-investment company a very successful firm and unique in its market positioning.


Every business follows a unique strategy. However, these strategies need an evaluation from time to time. Leave the task to experts while you focus on the core aspects of the business. As an active global consultancy organisation, Taichi Multi-investment Company aims to win the trust of clients’ world-wide for corporate restructuring as well as business expansion. With C-Level leaders who are highly experienced in serving varied industries and sectors, our business advisors know the right need to take your business to the next level.

Equipped with the necessary technology, manpower and skill-set, we are available whenever and wherever you need them. Taichi Multi-investment Company has its headquarters in Nigeria.

We are focused on initiatives like process improvement, cost reduction, turnaround, revenue growth and succession planning and leadership training. Our clients value us for the immediate value we deliver. With a proven track-record of being a one-stop shop with integrated services, the results our advisors have brought have exceeded client expectations across.


Taichi Multi-investment Company is unique for having a clear understanding of changing business realities and is aware of local trends too. Whether you need business support in the form of business intelligence, business development or management know-how, we are the right choice. We serve clients for Mergers and Acquisition, operational excellence, strategic alliances, international expansion strategy, and offer the required financial support too. You can rely on our expertise to create a critical tailor-made consultancy programme with clear milestones and expected outcomes.



Taichi Advisory & Coaching is a division of Taichi Multi-investment Company specialising in Business Coaching, Interim Management, Trainings, Board Assignments, HRM, Success Management, and Executive Search.

We support clients according to their needs with project or executive interim professionals. Further the corporate leadership as independent directors. In the case the business owner, wants to handle over its business to an internal or external party, Taichi is taking care of the strategy, selection and integration.

The most important role carried out by a business coach from the Taichi is training the managerial staff of the the company, in aspects of leadership competencies, skills, attitude, behaviour and finally in being an effective leader and manager.

The Advisory Approach is based on 360 degrees and tailored according to each individual and organisation, dependent on their requirements and needs, and what is realistic.

The Coaching Approach is based on individual training for Top Managers, who are struggling in aspects of communication. The executive training program on our business coaching courses helps the department of your company to understand the intricacies of the leadership role in aspects of decision making process, information, feedback, communication and stress management.

Leaders and managers are very often solitary in their role and responsibility, facing political and operational challenges for which an external sparring partner and coach can be of incredible help.

Our Consultants are trained and certified, supporting all clients (individually or in teams) to find the appropriate solutions for their needs. more effective. The goal of every business coach from our team is to train executives in effective communication skills with other members of the organization for frictionless daily operation.

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